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indoor netball rules, indoor netball competitions

Indoor Netball Rules

All General Netball Rules apply - contact, obstruction, stepping, held ball, for both 5 - A - Side and 7 - A - Side competitions

Ladies 5 - A - Side
C = Centre
GA = Goal Attack
GD = Goal Defence
GS = Goal Shooter
GK = Goal Keeper
Mixed 5 - A - Side
Maximum of 2 males on the court
When 2 males are on court they cannot play GA & GS or GD & GK at the same time.

The game is 2 x 14 minute halves, with approx 1 minute half time break.

Centre Pass

  • GS & GK must be in the goal circle before the whistle is blown for all centre passes. Once whistle has blown, GS & GK may leave the circle to contest the centre pass. GA & GD may move freely within the goal third.
  • No player can receive the centre pass in the goal circle.
  • The centre pass must be touched by a player before hitting the net. A free pass is awarded to the opposing team if it is untouched.
  • The whistle for a centre pass will be blown when the centre steps on the middle white line, in the blue area. If the centre deliberately waits for their own players to be onside before stepping on the white line they may be penalised for 'delaying' play.

    Areas of Play.

  • Centre =Whole court except the goal circles.
  • GS & GK = To half way transverse line.
  • GA = All of the court except the opposing teams goal circle.
  • GD = All of the court except their own goal circle.

Late Arrivals & Substitutions

  • There must be 3 original team members present or the game may be classed as a forfeit. If a team is over 5 minutes late for a scheduled match, it may be called a forfeit. Forfeit fees will then apply.
  • Substitutions can only be made at half time or if play is stopped for injury or illness.
  • If a team takes the court short of player/s, the late player/s can only come on after a goal is scored, at an injury/illness break or half time. They must inform the umpire before entering the court and can only go on in the vacant position.
  • If a team needs a 'fill in' player you must check the rules of your netball co-ordinator prior to the 'fill in' player taking the court.

Net Ruling & Over a Third

  • The ball must be touched by a player in each third.
  • A player may not make contact with the net whether they have possession of the ball or not. Brushing the net lightly will be allowable.
  • A player may not step, land, push off or jump into the nets.
  • The ball shall be 'live' of all nets. Once a player has released the ball that player may not touch or regain possession until the ball has been touched by another player, or has made contact with the goal ring. This is called a 'replay' and the other team will receive a free pass.
  • The nets may not be used to 'pin' a player in such a manner as to prevent movement, or to hold onto, to gain balance when defending in the goal circle. This will result in a penalty pass or shot.

Jewellery & Nails

  • No jewellery is to be worn. If you are unable to take a piece of jewellery off, you must tape or cover it up.
  • Nails should be short and rounded. If a complaint is made to the umpire or staff, player's may be asked to tape their nails or asked to wear netball gloves.( We do not supply gloves).


  • It is advised that a person from each team sit together to score, as the score on the official score sheet is the score that will be taken.
    If there is a dispute over a score at the completion of the game and scorers were not sitting together, there is little that can be done.
    For a legitimate goal to be scored on the buzzer & the umpire's call of time, the ball must have been passing through the goal ring.
    No goal will be awarded directly off the back net. The ball must touch the goal ring before the back net before going through the ring.

Point System

  • 3 points for a win. 2 points for a draw. 1 point for a loss. Teams that forfeit receive nil points.

Blood & Injury Time

  • If a player has blood on their body, they must leave the court immediately to remove or stop the bleeding and cover the affected area. Player's whether bleeding or injured have 1 minute injury time. If the player takes any longer, play will then resume. The extra time is only replayed in semi-finals and finals.


  • The umpire's decision is final. At no time during a play should a player question an umpire. However at a break a player may ask the umpire for clarification of a rule. For continual and/or deliberate breaking of a rule, dangerous play or misconduct the umpire can: advance the penalty; warn a player; or send a player off for whatever period the umpire sees fit.
  • The umpire also has the right to warn against harassing from the sidelines - being either from player's or spectators. The offending team may be penalised &/or player's or spectators can be asked to leave the centre.
  • Under no circumstances does Sportsworld tolerate the abuse of our umpires. If a player or team has a problem with an umpire, please speak to the netball co-ordinator on duty or management. If a player continues to disregard the rules set down, they may be suspended or asked to leave the centre permanently.

Game Fees

  • All players must pay registration/ insurance fee. (See player insurance page).

    We may deduct points for teams with unregistered players.

    Full match fees must be paid before the game, regardless of the number of players taking part.

    If a team forfeits a match, prior to game day - that team must still pay their game fee.

    If a team forfeits on the game day - they must pay their game fee and the other teams game payment.

    If a team forfeits 2 competition games, they may be withdrawn from the competition.


Finals Format

  • The top 4 teams at the completion of the competition rounds will compete in finals. (1 v 4 and 2 v 3) Both winners go through to grand final, losers are out.
  • To be eligible to compete in finals, a player must have played at least 3 games during the competition and also have paid the registration and insurance fees. If a team does not have enough qualified players for the finals, they must either play short (Penalties may apply) or forfeit their match.
  • Semi Finals - Extra 2 minutes each way. If still drawn the team that has the highest standing wins.
  • Grand Final - Extra 2 minutes each way. If still drawn the team that reaches a 2 goal lead is the winner.

We ask that all players be considerate of others.
Play safe and remember to have fun and enjoy your game.


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