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Mixed Indoor Softball

New 2017 Season Starting Late March

We are currently inviting players and teams for the start of the new Indoor Softball season on Friday Nights at Sutherland Sportsworld. The season starts on 31st of March and continues each Friday (except Easter) until late August with games starting at 6:45, 7:30, 8:15 and 9:00. (Each team will play approximately 19-22 matches in a season)

You can enter your own team, otherwise you can slot in with an established team.

What is Indoor Softball? A fast game where the aim is to score as many runs as possible in a fixed time. It includes the same skills used in outdoor softball but has some interesting variations. See the reverse for the basic rules.

This Indoor Softball competition originated in 1993 at Sportsworld, Sutherland and has drawn players and teams of varying ages and experience. If you are interested in maintaining and developing your softball skills, participating in a fast dynamic game or looking for a social, friendly way to spend a Friday night this is the game for you.

Click here to watch the 2015 Division 1 Grand Final (or just to see what the game looks like)

A free trial night has been scheduled for Friday, 24th  March at 7:00pm for new players and teams to learn the modified rules and have a practice / warm-up.

Where? Sutherland Sportsworld - 8/2-4 Kumulla Road, Miranda.

There is a limit of 10 teams for 2016, so nominate a team online ASAP

Match Fee - $80 per team per match and forfeit fee = $160

Registration -$40 for season
                      $35 for 2nd family member to register
                      $30 for 3rd & subsequent family members
                      $30 for U/17s – 12 months rego

Or for more information please contact:

Kieran Gallagher                 0422 512 514 or 88196539
Kevin Mackay                      0402 02 38 02 or 9531 0102
Sportsworld Indoor Miranda       9525 5499


Indoor Softball Rules at a glance

We have modified the outdoor softball rules to suit indoor play and made it much faster and less restrictive. Just be there on time and enjoy playing the game.

Played inside an enclosed court, the ball is live off the walls and roof. There are no foul hits - every hit is fair and the batter and all other runners must run at least one base. If the batted ball goes into the target area at the back of the court, then a home run is scored.

Both teams have two turns at batting and two turns at fielding. Each such turn is for a fixed time of 9 minutes, regardless of how many outs are made. The fielding team is not allowed to delay the game. They must pitch the ball once the next batter is ready.

This means the more batters you can push through in the 9 minutes, the more chances you have of scoring runs. So, just hit the first pitch and go....go....go! The hectic pace produces a very aerobic workout.

Indoor Softball is played as a mixed competition. You can register as many players as you like and you can borrow players for the other teams any time your team is short. You can play from 4 to 10 players in a match, but you can have as many players registered as you want. A maximum of 8 players can field, with interchanges allowed at any time without stopping play. All players, up to 10, will bat. Males may not outnumber females during a game.

Enclosed footwear and a team shirt are the only compulsory attire. You can use your own glove and bat if you wish but gloves, bat and special softballs are supplied as needed.



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